How To Setup Parental Controls for Internet Using Piso Wifi?

As a parent, ensuring your children’s online safety is crucial. Piso Wifi offers robust parental control features, allowing you to monitor and restrict the content your kids can access on the internet. Follow these simple steps to set up parental controls effectively.

Accessing the Admin Panel

  1. Connect your device to the Piso Wifi network.
  2. Open a web browser on your device.
  3. In the address bar, enter or to access the router’s admin panel.
  4. You will be prompted to enter your admin username and password. Use the credentials you set during the initial router setup.

Blocking Websites via Managed Sites

  1. Once logged into the admin panel, navigate to the “Parental Controls” section, then click on “Managed Sites.”
  2. Toggle the slider next to “Managed Sites” to enable this feature.
  3. Under “Blocked Sites,” you can add the URLs of specific websites you want to block. Your children will not be able to access these websites when connected to your Piso Wifi network.
  4. The “Blocked Keywords” option allows you to enter words or phrases you want to block across all websites. Any website containing these keywords will be inaccessible.
  5. In the “Trusted Computers” section, you can list devices that will bypass all parental control restrictions, granting them full internet access.

Blocking Services and Ports

  1. Navigate to “Parental Controls > Managed Services.”
  2. Enable “Managed Services” by toggling the slider.
  3. Under “Blocked Services,” you can add specific services or ports you want to block on your network using parental controls.
  4. Similar to “Trusted Computers” under Managed Sites, you can list devices here that will bypass all service and port restrictions.

Using the Piso Wifi App/Portal

For added convenience, you can also set up parental controls using the Piso Wifi mobile app or web portal.

Website Blocking via App/Portal

  1. Download the Piso Wifi app on your Android or iOS device, or visit
  2. Log in using your Piso Wifi account credentials.
  3. Navigate to “Parental Controls > Managed Sites.”
  4. Enable “Managed Sites.”
  5. Use the “Blocked Sites,” “Blocked Keywords,” and “Trusted Computers” options as described in the “Blocking Websites via Managed Sites” section above.

Service Blocking via App/Portal

  1. In the app or web portal, go to “Parental Controls > Managed Services.”
  2. Enable “Managed Services.”
  3. Utilize the “Blocked Services” and “Trusted Computers” options, following the same process as outlined in the “Blocking Services and Ports” section.

By leveraging Piso Wifi’s parental control features, you can create a safe and secure online environment for your family. Remember to review and adjust your settings regularly to ensure optimal protection as your children’s online activities evolve.

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